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Nowadays people are looking for the promising and pollution free future. Thus, there is a remarkable addition of 100% Compostable products in the market which will reduce the waste and safe for the environment. As we all know global warming is a big threat to our future. Every country is taking precise steps for the inventions of Biodegradable and compostable products. So, we are going to introduce one of the inventions in the Plastic Industry with the help of Food waste, Agricultural starch &waste-based polymers. We are going to market the One time use cutlery products which are indeed in every Food Industry and has a huge market to capture.

We are producing 100% Biodegradable & Compostable polymer base plastic cutleries like Folks, Spoon, Knifes and Food containers etc. These are all plant based without cutting a tree (called as a splinter free) or using of any harmful petro-chemicals. Moreover, these cutleries also have heat resistance properties and much sturdier than paper or thermacol disposables, which make them best product in the human life. However, in the view of price point these are joyfully acceptable due to its equality with the existing petroleum based plastics products.To recapitulate, these products will rejuvenate the human life to live in the healthier and disease-free life.

Here are the few images of some of the products for the reference along with the images of recyclable process of products: