knitted tape

Modern narrow width fabric machines

Automatic crochet machine KYB609/8B

This Crochet machines is ideal machine for the production of Knitted laces, bands and ribbons, both elastic and non-elastic.

Mainly used for:

For hosiery manufacture-bands, laces, elastic products.
For shoe-making manufacture, shoe-laces, packing strings.
For elastic industry, cables, conductors.
For medicine, surgery threads.
For everyday life, upholstering, curtains, sport, Alpine ropes, cords etc.

Standard delivery:

Needle gap 15, 18.
Pick repeat 48 picks.
Weft and warp yarn stop motion system.
3 to 8 weft bars.
Back frame.
Low maintenance.

Optional parts:

Back frame.
Meter counter.
Machine details:
Pick repeat: 8-48.
Max width: 50.
Workstation width: 609.
Motor: 1.5 HP.
Max speed: 8001500 rpm.