Narrow woven tape

Narrow fabric

Narrow fabrics, sometimes referred to as ‘small wares’ are any textile fabric not exceeding 4S cm in width with 2 selvedges. Thus, narrow fabrics include any trimming, elastic, tape, ribbon, lace, cording and more.

Ribbons, tapes and webbings are all considered as woven narrow fabrics if they contain woven selvedges, and are less than 12 inches. They are woven on special narrow fabric looms, using the basic principle of warp filling interlacing. Several sets of warp yarns may be beamed together to make several narrow fabrics side by side, on the same loom. Some tapes and ribbons are prepared by cutting the full width fabrics into strips and sealing the

edges. Thermoplastic fabrics can be woven of this way.

Although, some shuttle looms are used, narrow woven fabrics are formed by needle looms. Because of the importance of a good selvedge, shuttle less looms are generally not used.

Materials used
Different kinds of narrow fabrics such as ribbons, laces, cords, tapes, labels, webbings, wicks, elastics, ropes, straps, trims, fringes and lanyards, etc may be crafted out of different kinds of materials such as leather, cotton, satin, velvet, polyester, Teflon, rubber, jute, nylon, fibre glass and also beads. Narrow fabrics are

usually decorative in nature but are often used in a large variety of home to add a decorative look to dresses and can also be attached to curtains; bed covers, etc and industrial applications.

Different kinds of materials used to make narrow fabrics are:

Cotton: The most practical and widely used medium, cotton is processed to make a highly decorative medley of

laces, wicks, tapes, webbings and lots more.

Satin: Tapes, laces, & ribbons, etc made of satin look very luxurious.
Velvet: Giving a velvety look & feel, narrow fabrics such as tapes are made from velvet.
Polyester: The durable synthetic material is used to make different kinds of tapes, webbings, straps, etc.
Teflon: Teflon is a popular material used for various kinds of tapes etc, for industrial applications.
Rubber: Tapes made from rubber are widely used for different purposes.
Jute: The 100% bio-degradable material is used to webbings.
Nylon: Extremely durable & available in different colours & textures, nylon is made use of, for making high quality tapes, straps, etc.
Fibre Glass: Wicks made of fiberglass are gaining popularity due to their chemical properties
Beads: Trims, fringes made of shiny beads of different shapes and sizes are gaining popularity.