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Organic towels are made of organic cotton where as organic cotton description is listed below

Consumer awareness of sustainable products is on the increase, and demand for organic cotton products across textiles and apparel has never been higher. Free from GMOs and synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton is grown using sustainable farming methods, reducing water use, and promoting biodiversity. While there are no mandatory certifications required to market cotton as organic, certification to recognised industry standards such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requires cotton to meet stringent social and environmental criteria in its cultivation, and the fibre, fabric, and finished product must also be processed without the use of harmful chemicals.

No GMO seeds
No synthetic pesticides
Helps combat climate change
Preserving the water resources
Promote the fair trade with fair prices for farmers
Our testing services can support your development of organic cotton products by assessing whether fibres and fabrics fulfil the criteria for certification as organic cotton according to the requirements of the GOTS. Through GMO analysis of cotton seeds and chemical testing of fibres for the presence of toxic, synthetic pesticides, heavy metals, aryl amines, and other chemicals, we can provide the reassurance to back up your marketing claims and enable you to assess the environmental impact of your products.

Our GMO testing is based on ISO/IWA 32:2019 “Screening of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in cotton and textiles”, which was developed as a widely accepted testing method for GMO detection in cottonseed, leaf, cotton fibre and cotton fibre-derived materials in 2019.

In addition, our chemical testing service covers around 200 pesticides and 250 toxic substances used in processing, and we report back on parts per million/billion. If the client does not want to test for the full list, we can make a recommendation on which tests to carry out too.

Renowned testing expertise in the GMO field, with several years of experience in handling non-GMO cotton testing.
Expertise in textiles and the garment industry, with ready identification of the most common pesticides and hazardous chemicals associated with cotton production to verify organic claims effectively.
Comprehensive solution developed from the organic cotton market’s inception, assisting customers in protecting their brand image and consolidating trust from consumers.

All testing is conducted by one of the best laboratories in Europe without sub-contraction, providing maximised convenience and trust to our customers.